Tyson Kerr

Meditative, Skinny, Soprano.

While some have said that he missed his calling as a monk, 6 Minute Warning’s top tenor voice Tyson (try saying that 10 times fast) takes his bhudda-like calm, his superhuman patience and brings its laser focus to the heart of all the music he sings, plays and writes. Which is a lot, because not only does he sing with us and write most of our original works, he gigs as an organist, accompanist, pianist, accordian (ist?), trumpet player, arranger, and an ongoing list that won’t fit on this page.

All of this music is crammed into a body that “sleight” doesn’t even begin to describe – not only does Tyson fit through a coat hanger, we often lose him when he falls through drains and cracks between sidewalks. But somehow his tiny frame has the sonic properties of the entire Vienna Boy’s Choir, and the way he belts out Michael Jackson and Mariah Carrey tunes without bursting a blood vessel doesn’t just amaze us, it also shatters glass and anything around that isn’t steel-reinforced. When a vocal line is too high for even his one year-old daughter Rosie to scream when she doesn’t get her blueberries, Tyson steps in. (Rosie is as cute as a button, but Tyson also comes with the ability to read music, which we’ve found helpful.)

Tyson’s effortlessly high voice and pretty face aren’t all that we put to use in 6 Minute Warning – he’s our resident musical director and his incredible skills as a jazz pianist allow him to craft many of the incredible arrangements that shape our signature sound.