Luc Tellier

Sensatational Theatrical PEOPLE LOVER

Who does Luc love? YOU! Luc’s endless enthusiasm for meeting everyone in the entire world makes Curious George seem apathetic. On our first food stop on a tour with him, he learned the entire life story of one young boy before the rest of us had sat down to our sandwiches.

This young performer somersaulted right out of the womb and onto the stage singing the high note with a chorus of doctors and nurses singing backup that would signal the beginning of his charmed and epic life. He hasn’t slowed down, flooring the world with his passionate acting, toothy smile and goofy antics. And all this huge personality is packed into a tiny package – we’re pretty sure he and Tyson could both fit through a coat hanger at the same time.

Even with all of his showmanship, Luc’s got the talent to back it up – with an incredible voice, and all the musical background you can shake a stick at. We’re thrilled to have this soup-lovin’ fellow bring a whole lot of sparkle into 6 Minute Warning’s ranks.