Brayden Foo

The newest member of 6 Minute Warning has an incredible voice, buttery smooth melismas, and a smile that makes the ladies swoon. Brayden is also the baby of the group, and misses most of the references the rest of us make. While the rest of us remember N’Sync & Backstreet Boys, Brayden’s nostalgic memories are from watching The Wiggles. 

Ever the millenial, Brayden runs our social media and his own YouTube channel, doing fantastic covers of songs on guitar and his trusty loop pedal. Actually, you might wonder why he even needs us when he can just do a cappella numbers by himself with just a loop pedal. We’re pretty sure he could just clone himself and go on a world tour, but he says he likes “talking to real live people” and that cloning is “pretty impractical”. 

We’re absolutely thrilled to have our Brayden singing with us, and can’t wait for his next video!