Bernard Quilala

If you need a man to take the center stage and own it like it’s never been owned before, Bernard is your guy. He likes being the center of attention more than Kanye & Kim at an awards show. There is no line too far for 6 Minute Warning’s favourite stage-hog, who once took his shirt off during a show just because we ran out of bow ties that day.

When he’s not exposing his physique to audiences, Bernard loves to write R&B tunes that you can’t help but dance to. Always the laugh of the party, Bernard’s Filipino instincts also force him to show up at rehearsals and events with food for everyone, which we’re pretty sure we’ll need to add an extra day at the gym to compensate for.

Bernard’s formal vocal training comes from singing in the shower and the prestigious MSU – Making Stuff Up. With a voice that makes you melt (whichever way you swing), Bernard’s screaming high power vocals are an unforgettable addition to 6 Minute Warning’s vocal palette.